Cloud & Data Security

Secured Cloud Data Service

Masterstroke team offers a cohesive, long-term strategy to ensure your cloud data security after considering every pillar of your cloud journey.

Data security safeguards digital data from unauthorised use, modification, changes, updates, or theft. It’s an umbrella term that includes every aspect of data security. It covers the physical security of hardware and storage devices and the logical security of software or applications. It also includes taking care of company policies and procedures. Companies hence look for end-to-end cloud data security services to maintain a risk-free environment.

Certified Team

Our certified data security team is proficient in Data security governance, Program development, Incident management, and Risk management.


While we make sure your data is secured and accessible to only authorized users, we also make sure that you stay aware of the data security process we perform.

24*7 Support

Our data security support team is available for you 24X7 the day throughout the year. We ensure your data stays protected in the uncertain digital environment.

Flexible Engagement Model

Our data security services are suitable for customers who need easy access to resources without compromising their safety & security.

Our Trusted Cloud Data Security Services

Cloud Architecture Consulting & Review

Our cloud architecture design consultation and review services provide wholesome guidance to the clients to address cloud adoption and optimization journey and make it seamless and hassle-free at cost-effective charges.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS cloud security is a continuous journey. Our AWS team of certified experts can help you utilize this dynamic technology to ensure you have a secure cloud environment to run a business.

Web Application Pen-test

Our Penetration testing team includes Certified Web Application Testers who proactively analyze applications to find risks that could cause the loss of critical user and financial data.

Cloud Compliance (as per CIS & NIST)

We help businesses on a cloud comply with regulatory standards of cloud usage as per industry regulations (local and international laws). Cloud compliance ensures better security against all technical risks.

Azure Services

We offer a robust Azure monitoring service that eases the effort of daily security management. We let you identify and respond to the threat immediately. A secure cloud environment builds a credible brand image in the market.

Network Pen-test

Our network pen test services help you find which parts of your network are most vulnerable. We cover both internal and external network systems for testing against vulnerabilities.

Identity and Access Management Services

We help you authorize and permit who can use specific business resources by providing you with complete control and visibility of cloud-based resources. Limited access helps you streamline the data flow and data safety too.

Google Cloud Services (GCP)

Masterstroke team offers result-oriented GCP services such as custom cloud-based applications and seamless migration to Google Cloud to match your business requirements.

Support & Maintenance

We maintain and support cloud applications, architecture, and infra to help you get the most out of your cloud-based systems. Our dedicated support and maintenance team is always at your service through thick and thin.

Cloud support we offer

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